Live to be Happy

I think everyone should live to be happy. They should strive to be happy. Do what it takes to get there.


Learn to Live. Live to Love. Love to Laugh.

George Bernard Shaw

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Thursday, June 12, 2008

UpComing Time Off

So I have sometime off coming up next weekend! I am so thrilled by that I want to yell. Why you wonder... Because I am going away. Ok so I am driving to Jersey than New York. Thing is that I am going to meet some friends.

Two being a man and his wife. He has helped me alot. Giving me perspective on things that bothered me without being a jackass or overbearing. In the last few months I have come to know his wife and she is alot of fun to talk to. She is a far as I can see just as caring and great person as he is.

The other is a friend who shares my love for animals. Not just rabbits but all kinds. I get to meet her and her zoo.

So yea I am excited.

Ohhh I also have a themed house warming and a graduation Saturday. I will post about those later.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

WOW! So Many Changes

So many good changes!!! Things are not perfect but they are better than they have been in a long time. For a few months there we were both out of work. Talk about scary. With the help of our family and some amazing friends we managed to get through. When it came to them end of his unemployment check we both managed to snag jobs! At the same place no less. It was one of those surreal moment that leave you wondering if you are dreaming.

I lucked out and manged to snag an actual position. I turned out to be great at it. I have proven to myself that I can be more than I thought. At the same time it is showing me that there are things in my life that I have to change. Some I have changed but others I am still trying to change. Rob at first was a sort of jack of all trades. Now he has an actual position. It may not seem like the "best" job but turned out to be pretty great.

Things have happened and made me feel that adopting is what is best for us. We are still not ruling out completely having a biological child. We both feel there is no difference in adopting or in me giving birth to a child. Any child that enters our home via adoption or birth is our child because God sent him or her to us.

We looked at many countries but two stood out in our eyes. China because we knew we could have a girl. Which I would love. Rob would be happy with boy or girl. Columbia was the other. One being you could have siblings, two being that they would know Spanish. Me being Puerto Rican and some of my family being older and not knowing English I feel that adopting a child who can understand them would be easier for them(my family).

The more I read the more my heart told me that Columbia was where we would have a chance of finding "our" child. We thought about it and both realized that boy or girl didn't matter. When you become pregnant you don't choose boy or girl. You are grateful that God blessed you with a child.

Whatever happens I know that I only have so much control over any of it. God will bless me with what is right for my family.

Love, Ali