Live to be Happy

I think everyone should live to be happy. They should strive to be happy. Do what it takes to get there.


Learn to Live. Live to Love. Love to Laugh.

George Bernard Shaw

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Monday, January 28, 2008

Anymore? Maybe a house landing on my head...

If things get much worse I wonder how I will handle it. Today more was piled on to my plate. Normally I would call a friend but whoops we are not anymore.

Things went down before and we were slowly coming to a new friendship not the one we had before but something new. It was not the same but atleast it was something.

On several occasions the friend accussed me of different things that just blew me away. It was very hard to understand how someone who could call them self my friend would think I am capable of such things. I won't lie at times I wanted to strangle her but not about what she was thinking. More like the things friends normally do.

Anyways some how she is no longer speaking to me. Still confused about that one.

Explain to me why people noticed we were not like we used to be. So they felt ok to tell me what they felt about her. Or more so what bothered them about her.

Anywayz something bad happened today and normally I would go to her but couldn't. So that sucked.

Done for now. So I will end this.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where do I start?

Things have been insane! At times I have wanted to sleep and not wake up. Yea that is not good. Right? Or I consider shoving my foot up someones ass and yea again not good.

I am beyond frustrated with most people. Only a handfull I feel like I can talk to. At the same time parts of me wonder. Can I really talk to them? Who is a real friend and who isn't? Who won't think such awful things of me? Who won't turn their back on me when I least suspect it?

A place I found to be a sanctuary seems like a prison. I am walking away for a little just to try and find joy in it again. I do have somethings there that bring me joy so I will try and think of those things.

I will say more but for now I need to sleep. Have to be up at 6am.