Live to be Happy

I think everyone should live to be happy. They should strive to be happy. Do what it takes to get there.


Learn to Live. Live to Love. Love to Laugh.

George Bernard Shaw

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ringo Starr's 2nd Gotcha Day

Ringo Starr today is your day. You have graced our lives for two years.

We have cried and laughed with you in that time. Some of the moments we were not sure if we would have you the next day. I held you in my arms never letting go. For two weeks I slept an hour here and there making sure you stayed with us, I would do it again with out a second thought. Some how you have always pulled through, showing us your strength.

We watched as the others have rejected you yet you still continue to seek them out. You have never let anything change your spirit. Never a mean action from you just love.

Each time you see us you go insane. Bunny 500 hundred could not describe your joy when someone visits you. Demanding does not cover how much you want to be petted.

I know you were not my first choice but you were ment to be part of our lives. You will always be are first child. The one that needs us the most. We will always move heaven and earth to make sure you are cared for.

I know you miss Samantha and how she would lay near you when no one else would. I am sure she is watching out for you and waiting for the day you guys can trully be with each other. Just make sure it is a long way off.

Ringo Starr are little miracle pig, our first, and no way are last we love you more than anything.